Friday, 11 January 2013

pre- and post-overwash in November 2012

In November we were able to do what we've been trying for the 3D fieldwork: a good timing on pre- and post-overwash surveys.

We've made a survey on November 14th and 19th, and the waves increased between November 15th and 17th. During this period, the significant wave heigth was more than 3.0 m (threshold for storm occurrence) and the tidal level reached 1.6 m above Mean Sea Level.

Average  wave period (blue) and maximum period (red) between 11 and 18 November, 2012.

Overwash occured in many sites of Barreta Island, and in places the water intrusion reached the lagoon water, on the backbarrier side of the island.
We noticed that some features are crucial for the occurrence (or not) of overwash. The swash bars of Ancão Inlet seam to play a role.
Ancão Inlet ebb delta.
Aahhhh, and during the bathymetric survey we were visited by a group of dolphis. Here's a photo to prove it. They're really hard to photograph!!!
Glimpse of a dolphin's fin.

14/11/2012: Ana, Rita, Carlos, Sílvia.
19/11/2012: Ana, André, Mara

skipper: Zapa

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