Thursday, 24 January 2013

December fieldwork

Because we've been busy with the project dissemination, during December we've only made one topographic survey. On December 28th we've repeated the 24 topographic profiles to have a reference situation in case storm waves occur.

No overwash occurred during the last high-tides, but probably during December there were overwash events in some parts of Barreta Island.
Shell debris alignments consistent with overwash.

Aeolian rework of the barrier surface is visible in many areas, either by ripples, lag surfaces or depositions behind obstacles on the surface. Some vegetation is covered by this process.
Aeolian ripples and aeolian sand accumulation.

The lagoon margin is varied along Barreta Island. In places, a tidal flat exists, while in others there is a sandy beach adjacent to the tidal channel.

Tidal flat at the backbarrier.

During this survey, barrier erosion was noticed on the lagoon beach, which is likely related to changes in the inner channel currents.
Erosion bluff on top of the lagoon beach.

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