Tuesday, 6 November 2012

3D Fireldwork - post-overwash topographic survey

On October 2nd we repeated the 3D fieldwork to measure a post-overwash situation. Overwash occurred probably between 23 and 25 September, when Hs reached about 1.5 m.
Fortunately, overwash intrusion was variable alongshore. Closer to Ancão Inlet no overwash occurred, whilst on other areas overwash reached more than 20 m.

Profile close to Ancão Inlet where no overwash occurred.

On some profiles, overwash intrusion reached the lagoon (during high tide), and therefore the entire barrier island was affected.

Profile with overwash.

Overwash occurred even in areas with more dune vegetation.

Overwash on the barrier front and vegetation on the backbarrier.
Team: Ana, Rita, Mara, Isabel.

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